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Maytag Performance Series MHWE900VW Washing Machine Review and Rating

Maytag MHWE900VW WasherMaytag MHWE900VW washing machine steps it up with capacity, coming in at a very sizable 4.4 Cu. Ft. drum which will easily accommodate king size comforters or 10 plus towels. This is about as big as Front Load washers get and will handle large family laundry loads. When washing larger laundry loads, you need to make sure a washers motor can handle the extra burden. Maytag made sure to us Maytag Commercial Technology (MCT) on this unit, ensuring the MHWE900 can hold up to the abuse.

Standout features include SuperSize Capacity, Steam technology, High Efficiency and smart sensors. Steam cleaning helps add efficiency by using less water to clean clothing. Steam's high heat also helps sanitize soiled clothing, due to high temperatures achieved. This becomes especially important when washing infant or toddler clothing. Steam cleaning washers also tend to be gentler on clothing helping retain colors and extending the life of clothing. The Maytag MHWE900 also features smart sensors which monitor laundry load size and automatically adjust water levels and temperature accordingly. These smart sensors, coupled with Energy Star rating (141kWh/year) make the Maytag MHWE900 a very effective and efficient washer.

Is the Maytag MHWE900VW Performance Series 4.4 Cu. Ft. IEC Capacity Front Load Washer a good buy for you? Here's what you need to know to buy:

Maytag MHWE900VW Quick Stats Review:

List Price: $1299
Capacity: 4.4 cu. ft.
Tub Material: Stainless Steel
Water Levels: Adjust according to load size
Wash Cycles: 11 Cycles/4 Options/5 Temperatures/3 Soil levels
Temperature IntelliTemp Automatic Temperature Control
Noise Level: Very Quiet
Energy Start Rated: Yes
Warranty: 1 Year Limited

Maytag MHWE900VW Strengths Review:

#1) Huge Capacity: At 4.4 Cu. Ft. this is about as big as Front Load washers get and the largest manufactured by Maytag. More capacity means more clothing per load, equating to less time spent doing laundry. If you own King Size comforters and have a large family, a capacity over 4 cu. ft. is generally recommended. With large loads comes the potential for balancing issues but the Maytag MHWE900 has addressed this with their Smooth Balance Suspension System. This is one of the more effective balance control systems we've seen on the market.

#2) Cycle Options: Most front loading washing machines at this price level offer multiple cleaning cycles but not all offer steam technology. Steam reaches higher temperatures for sanitizing and also uses less water to help the Maytag MHWE900 operate more efficiently.

#3) Very Efficient: At an Energy Star rating of 141 kWh/year this is among the most efficient 4+ cu. ft. front loading washers we've seen. In fact this washer goes a step beyond minimum requirements and actually boasts CEE Tier 3 Rating.

#4) Great User Reviews & Expert Reviews: It's tough to find many negative Maytag MHWE900VW user reviews on the web. In fact this washing machine has been recommended by a leading consumer reports magazine recently.

#5) Maytag Commercial Technology: Commercial grade belts and bearings. Durable metal motor and drive system. Smooth balance suspension system, solid steel base frame, steel side panels, die cast door hinge, commercial-grade stainless steel wash basket. These are all over engineered components which should help prolong the life of your investment.

#6) Quiet Operation: By using both the Smooth Balance Suspension System and QuietSeries 400 Sound Package, the Maytag MHWE900 is one quiet washing machine perfect for second floor installation or near noise sensitive areas like bedrooms.

Maytag MHWE900VW Weaknesses Review:

Based on's research, there wasn't much dirt to dig up on the Maytag MHW900 washer. In fact, the lack of negative comments made us give the Maytag MHW900VW a Strong Buy Recommendation.


Strong Recommendation This a great purchase for large families with heavy laundry requirements. Families with young children or allergies will truly appreciate the steam sanitize cycle. This is a great buy considering the washers super sized capacity, steam cycles and Maytag Commercial-Grade Technology and $1,299 list price. If you need less features, capacity and want to save some money, check out the Maytag MHWE500VW Review.

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