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Benefits of steam cleaning washing machines:

Steam washing functionality is generally reserved for higher end washers, so expect to pay a premium for this technology, generally around $200 over non-equipped washers. We are beginning to see the price come down on steam laundry functionality and in a few years all washers will mostly likely boast the features.

The option works along side regular water washers in several ways outlined here:

Soak Phase: A regular washer just uses water to essentially soak clothing and prepare it for the addition of soap for laundering. Steam actually acts as a catalyst to get water to soak in faster are truly saturate clothing fibers. The wetter you can get each fiber the more effectively soap will carry through garments for cleaning.

Wash Cycle Phase: During the wash phase, steam washers help boost the overall water temperature for more powerful cleaning. The higher average temperatures work to kill more varieties of bacteria and allergens. This can be a well sough after benefit for those affected by seasonal allergies or families with young children who may still soil clothing. When it comes to cleaning and disinfecting, higher temperatures. Many users also not steam laundry machines ability to remove odors from particularly smelly items like gloves, this again can be tied back to high water temperatures that help kill bacteria.

Final Wash Cycle: Most steam washers use steam during final cycles to help relax fibers, resulting in less wrinkled clothing.

Benefits of a Steam Washer Aside from doing a great job at cleaning clothes, steam cleaning washing machines also are very effective at cleaning themselves. While most washers have cleaning cycles, just sloshing hot water around proves to be rather ineffective in cleaning the drum and glass. Steam washers increase overall temperatures and help the machines self cleaning cycle operate more efficiently.

Many steam washer’s owner’s note using less detergent as a major benefit of having the steam cleaning functionality. When water temperature is increased, garment fibers behave differently, expanding more and requiring less detergent at a microscopic level. Less detergent translates to decreased cost as well as a decrease in residual detergent left on clothing after a wash cycle completes. Steam washers also generally use less water than their water only counterparts, making them more efficient due to reduced annual water usage. Another important benefit is that clothing colors remain truer over their lifespan because less detergent and water is used.

Front loading washers that have steam, typically also have a sanitize cycle. This means that the washer has a built-in water heater that will make the water hot enough to kill 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria in your wash. Most washers with this feature will only hold the water at an extreme temperature for a few minutes, just long enough to sanitize, then it will reduce to a more gentle temperature so the fabrics are not damaged. Not only will this cycle disinfect, but it will also activate the detergent more to remove more stains and dirt.

Be sure to check out LG steam washers as well as other manufacturers for more on this option and expect the price of steam washing technology to drop over the next few years as the feature becomes more common and the “Average” consumer learns of steam washing machine benefits.


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