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Kenmore Washing Machine Reviews and Ratings

Kenmore Washer Ratings

Kenmore Washer - 4 / 5 Stars $999.99

Kenmore Washer Reviews

Kenmore Front Load Washer

Kenmore_LogoSears Kenmore Washing Machines have been a front runner since they debuted in Sears's department stores back in 1927. They offer two levels of washers including the regular Kenmore and the Kenmore Elite series, offering both front and top loading laundry machines. Expect to find more features and higher price tags on Elite models.

Washers range anywhere from $320 for Top Loading models to $1,600 for top of the line front loading washing machines. Kenmore is considered to be the second manufacturer to market washers with steam cleaning technology. If you're looking for maximum capacity, Kenmore washers offer top loading models up to 4.7 Cubic Feet, while energy efficient top loading models max out at 4.4 Cubic Feet. Kenmore is Sears's proprietary brand and can only be found at

Kenmore Washing Machine Brand Rating:

Overall Satisfaction Rating: 4/5
Operational Performance Rating: 4/5
Styling & Feel Rating: 4/5
Operational Features Rating: 5/5
Ease of Use Rating: 5/5
Warranty Rating: 4/5
Price Rating: 4/5
Overall Value Score: 4/5 (Above Average)

Sears Kenmore Washing Machine Strengths Review:

Sears Kenmore offers washers for every purpose at a large variety of price points. Higher end front loading models offer energy efficiency and high tech cleaning features like steam cleaning. Lower end models come in at rock bottom prices and perform well considering their lack of features. Because Kenmore washers can only be purchased at Sears, you won't need to spend your time checking all the competitive appliance stores for best price. Overall you will appreciate the value these products offer, backed by the Sears name and warranty. Here are some of the Kenmore washing machine highlights:

#1) Great Value: One of the few brands that offer exceptional value even at its lowest price point. Kenmore washers are fairly priced and offer great reliability, insuring your investment will remain sound over the long hall. Even lower end models offer great capacity. Most Kenmore washing machines carry the Energy Star label.

#2) Excellent User & Expert Reviews: Kenmore washing machine reviews are some of the best in the industry. Their washing machines have received high ratings from leading consumer reports publications, and various consumer guides. You can read many user reviews at Users generally comment on excellent washing/cleaning performance, energy efficiency and low noise levels.

#3) Feature Rich: SteamCare technology is found on higher end front loading washers and claims to remove more than 95% of common household allergens like dust mites and pet dander, a must for allergy sufferers. QuietPak sound insulation allows your washer to run at very low noise levels, very important when the washer is mounted close to living quarters or second stories.

Spin speeds can be adjusted to higher speeds for less drying times or lower speeds to reduce wrinkled clothes. Extra Rinse cycles like SkinCare Rinse II help remove detergents which can irritate skin. At every price point, you tend to get a little more than the competition with a Kenmore washer.

#4) Appealing Style: Sears Kenmore washers look good and styling makes a nice addition to the overall functionality. Most models are available in several colors such as white, blue, black and stainless steel. Generally higher end models come in more color options.

#5) Easy To Use: You'll appreciate being able to use these washers straight out the box. Intuitive controls speed up the learning curve and get you washing quickly. Most interfaces offer a combination of mechanical rotary dials and electronic buttons.

Sears Kenmore Washing Machine Weaknesses Review:

#1) Vibration Control: Even though many Kenmore washers are quiet during operation, many negative comments still come up when describing vibration levels. Even though this could be a result of poor installations it should be taken into account, especially if planning a second story installation.

#2) Product Selection: While most people consider a large product selection a good thing, it can make the decision process even more difficult, if not utterly overwhelming. Lucky for you, that's were steps in with individual Kenmore washing machine reviews of top models. Large variety also has the tendency of making you pay for every additional feature.


If you buy a Kenmore washing machine, you're buying from a large company (Sears) that's been in business since 1927, because they care about and protect their reputation. Sears is the only place you'll find Kenmore, so don't expect drastic price slashing due to market competition. Be sure to read additional user reviews at and individual product reviews on


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